ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Blanket Scarf

March 29th, 2016 at 2:00am

Despite the extra day in February, the year seems to be passing by at a breakneck pace. On campus, students are adjusting to our spring semester schedules and falling back into the rhythm of college. We are so engrossed with meeting the demands of our agendas for the new year that we’re shocked to find ourselves already in spring. Entering into the spring season, we face yet another responsibility that’s actually exciting—updating our closets and shop for warmer temperatures.

Spring often feels like our adolescent years of uncertainty and awkwardness, wedged between the persistently snowy winters and blazing summers. Despite the meteorologist’s cheery forecast of a high of 65 degrees, students with early morning classes are conflicted between throwing on a pair of shorts for the afternoon heat, or layering up for the 7:00 a.m. chill. The blanket scarf is the perfect solution to their ambivalence.

Unlike the traditional scarf, this accessory imitates the shape of a square. The geometry allows Fashionista/os to envelop themselves in warmth while still looking trendy and enthusiastic for the arrival of spring. This Fashionista selected a red flannel blanket scarf to add a splash of color to her ensemble of cool tones. As she exits her morning classes to enjoy the sunshine, she can easily shed her layers, fold her scarf and place it into her bag.

Pursuing an edgy look, this Fashionista chose to throw on a minimal sweater tunic to allow her boyfriend jeans to take the spotlight. Sunnier days signal a change in attitudes. Rather than wallow in the gloom of the winter, students will embrace the carefree energy of their blossoming surroundings. This Fashionista’s ultra-destroyed denim embodies the risqué thinking of the warmer months. She completes the look with a pair of versatile Chelsea boots and a rose gold watch.

How To: Blanket scarves are intimidating–their size and dominance in an outfit keep many from participating in the trend. Start simple by complementing a bright, eye-catching scarf with neutral colors in your clothing. Let your blanket scarf take center stage.