April 14th, 2016 at 2:10am

When some people decide to put on a hat they strike out; usually it’s to hide an unsolvable bad hair day and no thoughts are given to the rest of the outfit. Sometimes you just can’t tame your hair and you end up losing. But in this case, winning points were earned. This Fashionista knew how to get around her bad hair day and didn’t give into it’s ugly little game.

A home run was made the moment this Fashionista stepped out of her front door. She exudes a sporty attitude by wearing classic brands. For example, the baseball cap which displays an unforgettable logo—the silhouette of a puma. Simple, small, yet eye catching. The graphic feline emits a sense of boldness. This trait is noticed within the entire outfit as well as she slinks to class like a sexy black cat. A KISS T-shirt breaks up the total darkness and gives off a rocker vibe. Femininity is added with the long trench coat; it brings softness to the look and allows the shirt to be readable, as it doesn’t blend in. She keeps the sport element present and wears white high-top sneakers that were once seen on basketball courts. She may not be hitting up a baseball field or a basketball court but she definitely comes prepared with her daily workout gear (school supplies). All of it is located inside her denim tote bag. Overall, I love this Fashionista’s outfit. Her look is casual, sporty and tough, yet feminine. Like a puma, she emits fierceness.

How To: Find a baseball cap that displays your personality and style around it. Try to keep your outfit to a minimum color palette so that the hat can be the main focus.