With every season change, the world of fashion is transforming as well, and new trends come and go as quickly as leaves fall in the autumnor flowers come in the spring. In 2010, we saw the rise and fall of the infamous Abercrombie & Fitch and Aeropostale graphic T-shirts. 2013 brought a slew of skinny jeans and UGG boots, and 2015 relived the ‘70s—complete with festival wear and all! However, 2016 has been a year of trends that we will hopefully not look back on and ask ourselves, “Why did I wear that?” but instead, we’ll be able to be thankful for fashionable college years and impeccably good taste! That being said, this season has brought us an abundance of pieces that have taken away from classic styles and twisted them into a new era of fashion. It’s some sort of mix between boho, western and looks that achieve the ultimate goal of letting everyone around you think it took zero effort to put together your outfit (when in fact it may have taken a couple hours). My favorite of the bunch, which is a no-brainer for anyone who sees me out on the weekends, is the wrap necklace!

The wrap necklace has caught mine and other Fashionistas’ attention for many reasons, but above all, versatility is a must in my wardrobe and the wrap necklace gives a ton of leeway for creativity in different outfits. The Fashionista pictured above rocks her wrap necklace just by layering it over a simple, sheer white tank top. Putting such a bright and eye-catching piece of jewelry next to what would otherwise be a plain piece in the outfit really draws attention away from the bold color of the shorts, all while bringing the attention to the most important part of the ensemble: the person wearing it! My favorite combination in the look, however, is by far the pairing of the shorts with a wrap necklace. I’m obsessed with flowy patterned shorts to begin with just because of their comfort, but match these shorts with a wrap necklace and you have an instant outfit.

When I say wrap necklaces have versatility, I’m not just talking about the fact that they come in every color, shape, bead and size you could imagine; I’m also talking about ways you can wear them. For the classic wrap necklace look you just loop it once, but if you really want to spruce up an outfit, don’t wrap it at all for a long necklace look (it’s easy to layer necklaces this way) or loop them twice for a double-wrap neck piece. Hint: you can also wrap them a few times around your wrist to let these necklaces double as a wrap bracelet!

How To: These necklaces are by far my favorite trend of the season, and they’re super easy to keep up with. Find a neutral to go with any outfit or get a pop of color in by adding one of these pieces to your jewelry collection!