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ALL IN THE DETAILS: That Hat is Phat!

May 17th, 2016 at 2:05am

The human head is such an incredible thing. It stores the brain, displays the face, and, most importantly, is the perfect structure for a chic and stunning hat. Until recently, these shapes of hats were reserved for “properly-dressed” women in the 1800s or as the essential accessory for a garden party brunch. Fortunately, these wide-brimmed floppy hats have made a tremendous comeback in richer colors with touches of leather and delicate bows.

Many women love the idea of these floppy hats, but some are unsure what setting is appropriate to wear them. In my opinion, the best part of this trend is that the hats can be an added accessory to make a casual outfit a touch fancier or to dress down an incredible outfit for a different and more relaxed occasion. This Fashionista added her denim vest and spunky floppy hat to tone down the pomp of the chic leather pencil skirt and pointed toe booties for class. A day shopping downtown, relaxing on a patio outside a coffee shop, or picnicking under the sun are the perfect occasions to show off this trend. The shape of the hat reflects the chic sense of the wearer while simultaneously giving off “laid back” vibes with its soft texture.

Floppy hats are fun for those trying to channel their inner American Girl Doll, but they are also fundamental for Fashionistas who have bigger problems to solve. When it is so easy to break your new sunnies or to wake up so late you forget to even brush your unwashed hair (no judgment here), you must have a back up piece. Floppy hats are the perfect addition to block the rays from your eyes and to mask the worst of bad hair days. While baseball caps can do both of those things, they can not tie together the different elements and colors of an outfit quite like a floppy hat can.

How To: Play off the unique texture of the hat with the other pieces of your outfit. Coordinate your shoes with the bold color of the hat to make your outfit completely lavish. Do not be afraid to go “minimalist” with the rest of your look to let the piece stand out like it was made to do.