A great piece is something that appeals to more than one of the senses (usually sight and touch). Texture is something that, at first, catches your eye, and then draws you in and makes you want to touch it. If you put a great piece and texture together, you get an amazing textured pant, shirt or dress. All three were present at Holly Fulton’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear show in London, where texture play was included through patchwork florals, crystal embellishment, patent leather and wool.

This Fashionista perfected the trend by wearing a pale pink textured top. The colors in the outfit are rather neutral, so adding a textured piece didn’t make the outfit too over the top. Fulton’s line is all about patterns and matching print ensembles so it’s easy to get some inspiration from the pieces. Instead of copying the outfits seen on the runway exactly, you can choose a one textured piece and match it with another neutral piece, like this Fashionista, so the focus is on the textured frock.

To complete to her outfit, this Fashionista chose a flowy black maxi skirt to contrast the structure of the top. I especially liked her outfit because she successfully adapted a runway trend to fit her own personal style; the black maxi compliments and keeps the focus of the outfit on the texture of the top.

How To: Texture play was seen all over the runway during Fashion Month so the trend will definitely be popular this season. Since many people will be incorporating prints and textures in their outfits, you probably want to stand out among the crowd! Look for a piece that is really unique and that you can play around with in order to make it the most memorable frock seen on the street.