ALL IN THE DETAILS: Tell Me About It, Stud

So, since it’s Thursday and Thursdays are for throwbacks, I decided to take you all back to a fashion phase that most of us went through a few years ago. Remember the days when we were crazy about studs? Remember how almost everything we bought was embellished with studs and spikes? From jackets to shoes to bags to even phone cases, we all had our fair share of Jenny Humphrey moments (#GossipGirlThrowback). Even though those days are mostly long gone now, I have to admit that I still belong to the group of people who are suckers for studs…sorry, I tried to stop but I can’t seem to be able to.

Studded pieces say a lot about the person wearing them. They say that that person is cool, edgy, not afraid to take fashion risks and most importantly, not afraid to stand out from a crowd. Studs can make anything a statement piece instantly. Take a plain white T-shirt, for example. What happens when you add a few studs to it? It unarguably goes from simple to glam in no time. Studs’ edginess and rocker-chic vibe instantly make anything 10 times cooler and more appealing and that’s probably the reason why so many Fashionistas are attracted to them and choose to incorporate them in their outfits in different ways.

Let’s take this Fashionista as an example. She took a casual outfit and glammed it up with a beautiful studded black leather vest. Her black leggings and two-toned blue and white shirt look great paired with her black booties with gold details. In came the vest and completed the look. Of course, she accessorized by adding a few rings and a tribal-inspired tooth necklace to mix and match styles and make her outfit much more unique and different. Her look is ideal for those school days when all you want to do is be comfy but at the same time look good and trendy. Perfect? Yup.

How’s that for a #TBT? Hopefully, good.

How To: Not sure how to pick out a day time outfit that’s both practical and edgy? Simple. Just go for a plain shirt, a pair of comfy leggings and booties and then follow this Fashionista’s example and throw a studded leather vest over the outfit, and there you have it.