ALL IN THE DETAILS: Tassel On My Friend

London fashion week has made the tassel trend official. While this fall is all about the western fringe look, this spring will bring a softer vibe with tassel detailing. We are seeing it everywhere from Preen, Lanvin to even Topshop, which allows all the college fashionistas to shop this trend at a more affordable price.

As college students, we tend to shy away from buying the latest trends in fear of it not being in trend long enough to truly get good wear out of it, but you know what I say: Wear what you love, because you are all that matters! In my opinion, this trend looks great on all body types. It can be slimming and accentuate whatever part of your body that you want to draw attention to. It’s a great way to pull off a sexy look without going overboard.

The greatest part about tassels is that you can buy it in so many forms, whether its on your purse, shoe or top, which makes it a great trend to style during any season. The Fashionista featured in this post was on her way to a concert and wanted to go for a comfortable, yet rocker-chic vibe. The Coach sneakers bought a colorful hue to her otherwise dark look, and the tassel detailing on her cropped shirt added a bit of edge to fit with the energy of a rock concert.

Also, note the difference between fringe and tassels. Fringe is normally thicker in width and made out of a stronger material like leather or suede, whereas tassels can either be “stringy”, like on the Fashionista pictured, or have literal tassels added on like in the crop top liked to this post. Tassel on!

How To: The best way to imitate this look is in a subtle way. If your on the go and want to opt for a business casual look that can transition to a night out, I would wear a mini skirt that has “stringy” tassels on the end, so it appears to be longer, and style it with a crop top and blazer. Or, you could style it with a tasseled leather jacket and ripped high-waisted jeans for a more casual look.