ALL IN THE DETAILS: Tank Tops By Day...Long Sleeves By Night

As the middle of October quickly approaches, we have finally reached that point in time when you can no longer dress for the weather. In Eastern Ohio, the climate will often choose to fluctuate throughout the day. Recently it’s been around 50 degrees in the morning and 70 degrees by mid-afternoon. This is why fur jackets and long skirts are key this season! Outfits like the one this Fashionista is wearing are perfect for this type of indecisive weather.

This season, faux fur seems to be very popular making it the perfect addition to any outfit for fall. In order to be prepared for whatever weather Ohio is about to send her way, this Fashionista paired a simple crop top with a cozy fur jacket. This way, by the time it gets warmer in the afternoon, she can take off the jacket and still rock this outfit.

Instead of wearing uncomfortable pants, this Fashionista chose to style her outfit with this awesome maxi skirt. This particular skirt has a very unique pattern that really adds to the details of this ensemble. Replicating the patterns on this skirt are essential for giving this outfit its bohemian vibe.

Accessorizing a look like this can be super fun considering the fact that you can layer as many necklaces as you want and still look great. This Fashionista chose to accessorize with one moon shaped necklace. The grungy gold color of the necklace is also something that adds to the boho vibe this outfit has. A look like this would also be awesome paired with similar geometric necklaces. The geometric shapes will accent the subtle pattern of the skirt and really bring the look together.

How To: Recreating this look is really quick and easy! Simply take your favorite crop top and throw a fur coat or jacket on top. Find a patterned maxi skirt and some of your favorite matching accessories and your look is complete!