ALL IN THE DETAILS: Take a Bow(tie)

I ran into this Fashionista while she was on her break from work. Getting dressed for work is always the hardest because looking cute and professional doesn’t always work together. Bandanas have been really big lately, but this Fashionista has taken neckties to the next level.  It’s important to make sure to give your own personal twist to whatever you wear to work because you have to shine through in whatever you wear.

The bow tie and pocket square are an amazing way to style an outfit for work, it helps dress up something that’s casual and give it an individual look. The black ruffled top, combined with the skirt and the leggings make this a look that can be easily translated. The tan jacket helps to bring the blue of the pocket square together with the black pieces. Looking cohesive is super important.  She accessorizes with some funky bracelets and some pretty ones to showcase all of her tastes. But, the chopsticks in our Fashionista’s hair are amazingly cute and daring! She is brave in dressing up her outfit with an accessory that not everyone is chic enough to pull off. The best part of her outfit are her heels, they bring the whole outfit together and finish dressing the ensemble. Some of the pieces of the outfit are casual, but the Fashionista succeeds at using out of the ordinary accessories and making them look RAD.

How To: Instead of using your chopsticks when you’re out for sushi, save them and stick them in your messy bun to give your look a fun twist!