ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sweater Weather

March 27th, 2017 at 2:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sweater Weather

It’s that time of year again, back to school from spring break. Whether you are coming back from a week of relaxing on the beaches in Cabo or going home to spend some quality time with friends and family, we all have to adjust to the school environment once again (although we were only gone for a week!). No matter how fun your spring break was, we all need time to recuperate and relax, and this outfit screams just that. This Fashionisto’s outfit is casual, comfortable, yet super cute!

While piles of homework and midterms might be piling up at this time of the year, I can guarantee you that for this Fashionisto, classes are just another opportunity to show off his rad style. A look like this is perfect for any day-to-day occasion you find yourself in at college; whether it is going to class, grabbing a coffee with friends, or cruising down campus on a longboard, his look is one that has some street style. This outfit is a bolder take on the simple hoodie look. His graphic brown sweatshirt is perfect for the spring California weather, but the Puma logo and the soft, velvety material of the hoodie gives this top a unique and interesting look. The simple, light blue denim jeans and the black Adidas continue to add to his major cool look.

But what makes this look so great? The answer to that is all in the details. This Fashionisto realizes that a great look must be head to toe and that no outfit is complete without the perfect accessories and attention to details! What stands out about this look is the cuffed jeans, cool mix of bracelets, and the monochromatic suede beige baseball cap. All those put together makes for one dope look… do I dare say, he’s too cool for school?