ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sweat the Small Stuff

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sweat the Small Stuff

People always told me “don’t sweat the small stuff,” but as college and fashion have taught me, the small stuff is what makes the difference. Think about it, using the right word on a resume could get you your dream internship, forgetting one small assignment could ruin your grade, and one small detail could make or break your outfit.

Now, when I think of details, I think of jewelry, nail polish, makeup, the small things that can be easily over-looked. This Fashionista shows us that the best parts of an outfit are those details. A great way to make sure that you get the most out of your details is to start with a neutral palate. This Fashionista started with a gray shirt and a black open-faced cardigan. She went for the dark jean look to keep herself warm in this chilly Connecticut weather. Lastly, she added her over-the-knee black boots to bring this outfit to the next level. One thing to note is that over-the-knee boots are in right now, everyone is wearing them out, to class, wherever. Even the previous Fashionista I shot was wearing them, you will see them everywhere this season.

Time to think detail (as if the boots weren’t enough). This Fashionista added a set of chokers, not just one, but four necklaces. She has a classic black choker, a basic black, velvet choker, a silver chain choker with a stone (think small pop of color) and a short necklace with silver beads and a neutral colored stone. I think the small differences in each choker creates depth in her outfit and are the details that people tend to overlook, but not this Fashionista. Repeat after me, “sweat the small stuff.” To also add layers, this Fashionista added a blanket scarf, neutral of course, and red nails for another pop of color. If you look at her makeup, you notice she kept is simple, yet flawless.

This Fashionista understands details, from chokers to scarfs to makeup, she’s got it down. The small stuff is what makes or breaks any outfit. “Sweat the small stuff” because it will make the difference.