ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sunny with a Chance of Rain

If you know anything about Idaho’s weather, you will know that it is constantly changing throughout the day. Sometimes you get all four seasons in one day! Finding the right outfit to wear is a struggle, because you never know what to expect. You could be wearing shorts one minute and a coat the next. Idahoans are somewhat experts in fashion, since they have no choice than to be prepared for the next outfit change during the day.

This Fashionisto knows that the probability of the meteorologist being right about the forecast is just as good as the probability of gaining no weight in college. Not only is his outfit weatherproof, but he also adds accessories in order to give his style a rad look. He is rocking his ripped denim jeans and an olive green sweater.

Wearing solid colors makes it easier to add accessories to your outfit, because they will be more noticeable. He wears all-black accessories with a watch and pair of sunglasses. Since, you’ll never know when it’ll get sunny. These are great things to include in your outfit if you want the extra touch of luxury.

Watches are the simplest, yet classiest accessory to wear. You can make any casual outfit look sophisticated by wearing a watch. To complete his ensemble, this Fashionisto wears white Nike shoes. A pair of white shoes is a wardrobe necessity because they match with any outfit.

Idaho has crazy weather, but it never stops Fashionistas/os from looking their very best.

How To: One of the most useful and coolest accessory to wear is a watch. You will not only make your outfit look top notch, but it will keep you from running late to class.