ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sunday Showers and Sunflowers

If you ask me, spring is the most underrated season. It doesn’t get the holiday props like winter does, even though who doesn’t love bunnies and candy? Everyone gives summer the credit for the best school break but without spring break we would have four straight months of school… And everyone praises fall for its perfect weather but its really spring who saves us from having to be cold any longer. So, spring, I’m here to give you your props.

This Fashionista is here doing the same in this flowy and fun sundress. Winter seems to be the season of all black everything and, trust me, I am a supporter of this trend (easier to get away with not doing laundry). But winter is over and it may be time to, stay with me here, bring some color back into your wardrobe. I am by no means suggesting neon. Never neon. But wear flower prints and sundresses. Bring out the floppy hats and the wedges. And, dare I say it, wear white (dun dun dun).

My personal favorite part of this look is the back of the dress. As someone with small boobs, I take full advantage and gravitate towards everything open-back. This laced up back is perfect to add a little something to this dress while still making it something your mom wouldn’t yell at you about for wearing to a family function. Finally, the simple white wedges don’t dull out the dress but actually make the print pop more. Keeping the hair simple, with a small braid in the front and the makeup neutral and jewelry light worked well since anything else might have been too much with such a bold pattern. This outfit is perfect for spring because it could be for anything from Easter to brunch to a daytime wedding.

How To: If you stay away from sundresses because the idea of wearing a dress all day sounds less appealing than shorts and a T-shirt, buy a sundress. It is a different species of dress. Throwing on a sundress is an easy way to both trick people into thinking you spent a lot of time getting ready and that you are more dressed up than you really are. It’s a win win especially for lazy girls like me.