ALL IN THE DETAILS: Summer Stripes

June 8th, 2015 at 2:10am

Cincinnati summers can be extremely difficult to predict. One day it’s a balmy 88 degrees outside and the next it’s 60 degrees and raining cats and dogs. Some trends, like the weather are always evolving, but one trend you can always count on is stripes. Classic preppy stripes have been a staple in college students’ wardrobes for generations. Season after season they pop back up as a timeless trend you can wear for years to come.

This Fashionisto demonstrates how to wear stripes in an interesting fashion that is classic yet not dated. Dressing in stripes from top to bottom can be a bit tricky. You don’t want to overpower your outfit with an excess amount of pattern. Take note of how this Fashioinisto breaks up his look with a buffer in-between stripes, that helps him avoid clashing. This look starts off with a traditional nautical styled sweater with navy stripes which is perfect for breezy summer days. Continuing with a uniformed color scheme he balances his top with navy swim trunks, breaking the pattern while keeping his look clean. Adding a pair of navy adidas sliders with the trademark three white stripes, gives his look a cool and sporty vibe. He accessories his ensemble with an orange tinted pair of shades, that flawlessly complement the rest of his otherwise neutral outfit. With his look complete he is ready to head out for a day of fun; I just hope it doesn’t start raining.

How To: Chances are stripes already inhabit your wardrobe. Now is the time for you to play around and experiment with color, scale and even directional planes. Just remember to balance the stripes for a polished look that works every time.