All In The Details: Summer Shades

The bright spring sun is warming up our days and slowly welcoming in some summer-like heat. Now more than ever, finding the proper sunglasses is important and necessary to make through the day without having to squint and shade your own eyes. Trending around campus are the opaque, reflective glasses, the winged cat-eye glasses and the retro round sunglasses. Combined with shorts and light colors, that laid back look is easy to achieve.

This Fashionisto wears a loose fitting, quarter-sleeve T-shirt with long denim shorts, giving his outfit that summer beach vibe. His solid black sneakers tie in with his dark shirt, but keep his outfit simple and casual. He wears rounded sunglasses that are readily available hanging on his V-neck shirt. Their gradient shading makes them unique and gives them a retro feel, enhancing his outfit.

The cut of his T-shirt, length of his shorts and lightness of the denim gives his outfit a summer-ready look with beach vibes. This look is cool enough for the spring as the days get warmer and the humidity rises, but warm enough for those cool spring breezes.

His look can easily be worn to those last final exams and classes. This Fashionisto’s outfit is perfect for the those final days of school as we say, “goodbye” to class outfits and say, “hello” to summer concert nights and beach days.

How To: Complete your favorite spring looks with a pair of trendy sunglasses—round or winged will work!