Every year hundreds and possibly thousands of girls make the mad scramble from sorority house to sorority house in pursuit of the one that best fits their taste. This process is sometimes grueling, tiring and, in the case of my school, often drags on for weeks. However, at this point in the year, the hard work of both the previously existing members and potential new ones has paid off and with that comes pledge classes to be proud of! As a new member you are habitually eager to show the world what organization you chose, I know I was! I know that when I was a new member I was constantly looking for little, subtle ways to show off my sorority without making a huge statement.

This Fashionista perfectly embodies what I had always tried to implement when I first joined my sorority. Her outfit is a seamless execution of both comfort and style while tying in appealing references of her new found home. This brunette Fashionista is rocking one of my favorite trends: the T-shirt dress. It provides both comfort and style. In addition, with a few accessories, it’s super easy to just throw on and go! Etsy often allows you to customize accessories with your letters and colors of choice. Imitate this Fashionista and pick a baseball cap to be multi-functioning. A hat is a perfect way to show what you know and add some character to an ensemble. It also could potentially cover up a less than stellar hair day!

Jewelry is another great way to subtly rep your house. This Fashionista belongs to a house that has the symbol of an arrow. We can see that she incorporates this fact in through her necklace. I find that even when I am not trying I am always seeing sorority symbols incorporated in jewelry. Whether it is through earrings, bracelets, necklaces or rings; jewelry can make a great statement about your love for your house without being too forced.

I am always looking for more ways to represent my sorority house and show my love for them while still being trendy and fashionable. This Fashionista has perfectly embodied my goals. Her personable character and lively smile just add to the positivity she symbolizes for her chapter.

How To: Subtleties can come from many sources. You can even make your own bracelets or necklaces with your sorority letters to add a fun, creative aspect to your outfit.