ALL IN THE DETAILS: Subtle Statements

A perk of going to one of the oldest universities is that on the small, rural and beautiful campus, there are plenty of places to explore. If you are trying to squeeze in an adventure in-between classes, meetings and that necessary afternoon nap, you need an outfit that fits your busy schedule. This Fashionista’s outfit is perfect for class, responsibilities and an impromptu adventure.

Fall in Maryland means the weather is unpredictable at best. This Fashionista navigates the tricky weather with subtle and functional accessories.  Her canvas sneakers are not your everyday Converse or Vans, but Sperry Top-Siders. Closed toed shoes are a must for any adventure. These sneakers add a low-key, preppy vibe to this Fashionista’s outfit.  They are trendy, cute and functional.

At a small liberal arts college, by senior year you are most likely over-involved and over scheduled. That is why time management is incredibly important. This Fashionista’s white statement watch helps keep her on time and fashionable, with the ability to disconnect from her phone for a little while.

This Fashionista loves subtle sparkle. She is wearing a small rhinestone cross earrings to add some sparkle and a slightly punk vibe to her outfit. Some more shine and edge is added with her bundle of arrows ear cuff.  This ear cuff is not an actual piercing but it might as well be, as this Fashionista says it has become her sartorial signature.

As a final touch to her outfit, and for a little extra warmth when it’s a little chilly heading to class, this Fashionista added a cheetah print infinity scarf. This scarf is perfect for the constantly fluctuating weather.

This Fashionista’s subtle statement accessories are all tied together by two fashion staples. A casual twist on the little black dress, this Fashionista is wearing a swingy cotton trapeze style T-shirt dress, which would look perfect dressed up or down. She complements the dress with another fashion staple: the olive green light jacket. This jacket is perfect for fall, as it can be easily thrown over any outfit or layered for more warmth. With classic pieces such as the black T-shirt dress and the olive green jacket, the accessories opportunities are endless.

How To: Worried about mixing styles a little bit? Don’t be, because “rules are meant to be broken.” This Fashionista pulled off a blend of trendy and preppy with a slight edge. If you want to mix a variety of accessories so your style can be both functional and fashionable, keep your outfit simple and classic.