ALL IN THE DETAILS: Studs, Sunglasses, Shoes and School

September 5th, 2016 at 2:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Studs, Sunglasses, Shoes and School

It’s that time of year again, back to school. Back to an almost perfect world that includes living right next to your friends and eating unlimited food at the dining halls. While piles of homework and endless nights of studying might not be the best part about college for some, I can guarantee you that for this Fashionista, classes are just another opportunity to show off her rad style!  A look like this is perfect for any day to day occasion you find yourself in at college; whether it is going to class, grabbing some lunch, doing homework or hanging out with friends, her look is one that is casual, comfortable and most importantly, cute.

This outfit is a bolder take on the simple tank and jeans look. Her graphic gray shirt is perfect for the hot California weather, but the design and studs make it more unique than just a plain tank top.  The over-distressed denim jeans continue to add to her major cool, carefree and edgy vibes.

But what makes this look so great? The answer to that is all in the details. This Fashionista realizes that a great look must be head-to-toe and that no outfit is complete without the perfect shoes, accessories and makeup. These star-studded sandals, a combination of Alex and Ani and Cartier bracelets, a small (but still bold) necklace, and Dior sunglasses transform her already intricate look into one full of small details! With the edition of the red lip, she’s bold enough to rock any outfit or trend, but most importantly, bold enough to take on her college classes.