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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Stripes And Polka-Dots And Prints, Oh My!

Mixing various patterns is a fabulous way to add some variety in your daily wardrobe, as well as giving your outfit that stylish edge you find in the pages of your favorite fashion magazines. Pattern mixing adds much needed depth and personality to any ensemble. However, this fashion practice can be a little tricky at first, but follow a few basic rules and you will be rocking this trend in no time.

If the colors look good together, chances are the prints will look great together, too. You can never go wrong with black and white, but don’t be afraid to add a pop of color here and there. Also the more simple the print is, the easier they are to mix. This is why simple stripes can essentially go with anything. When mixing patterns in your outfit, make sure to add some solid pieces, as well. Too much pattern in one outfit can make an ensemble go from super cute to overwhelming. And remember, we are mixing different patterns so don’t go too matchy-matchy by pairing polka-dot pants, with a polka-dot blouse and polka-dot shoes. You’ll just look silly!

The combination of the polka-dot denim skirt and red and white striped tank top instantly caught my eye and no, it is not because of my obsession with polka-dots, but rather because this Fashionista showed how easy it can be to successfully mix patterns. Mixing prints can often make an outfit busy, which is why it is important to distribute them evenly. This Fashionista has the perfect balance throughout her outfit by doing one print on the top and the other on the bottom. Layering the denim jacket over the top helped break up the look. I also enjoyed that this Fashionista switched up the scale of the pattern. She paired the thicker stripes with the small polka-dots and it created an extremely well put together and adorable outfit!

How To: If you’re not ready to jump into mixing patterns right away, start off by mixing a pattern with a different texture. For example, pair a chunky striped sweater with a pair of faux leather leggings. However, for the bold and the brave out there, experiment with mixing different patterns and textures together. Try pairing your favorite striped blouse with a floral midi skirt and a pair of metallic pumps for a simple spring and fun spring look. If you’re really daring, try using the same print but in contrasting colors. When in doubt, though, take note of this Fashionista and remember polka-dots and stripes always work.