ALL IN THE DETAILS: Stopped in Its Tracks

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Stopped in Its Tracks

For the punctual commuters that have the time to wait on the platform, stop being punctual. You don’t have to, but just a warning you will be stopped in your tracks if dressed like this. This month’s Fashionista, whose broad stripes and ruffled stars, thro’ the perilous fight (of commuters), is dressed in a youthful version of business casual. Let’s call it casual business.

Looking into the details underneath this faux fur navy blue coat exposed a two layered ensemble. That’s when the casual business, pinstripe suit blazer, was born and underneath that, a sleeveless ruffled blouse. Blazers can sometimes overpower an outfit depending on the size, color, what it’s being paired with, etc. This blazer is totally spiced up in this look because it gets mixed with the clean, white ruffled blouse. This is modern, classy, and cool because you won’t look like everyone else on the street.

The top’s best working details are buttoning to the end of the collar and tucking it into cropped girlfriend jeans. Wearing jeans makes it more laid back and fun for meeting friends, going out to eat, a school day, whatever personal leisure time activity it is. If you wanted to switch to a more professional look, black pants would be a simple change. Starting to feel too comfortable with your style choices? Dressing in what we have been referring to as a youthful version of, “casual business,” will be an element to show a little more maturity.

This Fashionista’s cool-girl personality shines through the outfit’s details. The little things she chooses like a pair of oversized sunglasses, embroidered backpack, leather shiny black boots, and to top it off, a striped beanie, all together brings a lot of character.

Do punctual commuters that have the time to be photographed before their train have better style? An easier time in the morning? Maybe they plan more ahead by picking out their pieces the night before. Time management at any age, especially for a college student, is one of the hardest things to achieve. Start practicing for your own benefit and you may be stopped in your tracks during your own commute.