ALL IN THE DETAILS: Staying Warm In The Fall

October 9th, 2015 at 2:00am

As we are saying our goodbyes to the warm sun, swim suits and shorts, it is time to welcome our flannels, high socks, coats and boots for autumn! With the changing temperature and weathering, it is important to stay warm and stylish as it starts to become cooler.

This Fashionista stays toasty wearing her vintage denim flannel Levi’s jacket. Flannel and denim are strong pieces to have in your wardrobe in autumn and together, create a perfect combination of trendiness and warmth. Her jacket is cuffed at the bottom of the sleeves that peaks the flannel’s golden, brown colors that seamlessly match her corduroy button up skirt. Flannels are a huge staple for the fall because the colors are normally shades of red, yellow, green and brown, which are the colors of the leaves that fall from the trees during the season. It is also great to wear because it keeps her warm and is very comfortable to wear.

Another part of her outfit that is totally innovative, is her silk scarf she has tied around her neck. This dated trend is from the ’70s and I personally have not seen it worn in the streets until now or on Frenchy from Grease. I think that it spices up the outfit and makes it a little more polished. It is more intriguing than wearing a statement necklace. The scarf also provides extra warmth since it is around her neck!

How To: If you want to stand out in the streets, do not be afraid to take a cute scarf and tie it around your neck! It is simple and a quick accessory to put on to make your outfit put together.