ALL IN THE DETAILS: Stay Wonderful, Stay Whimsical

Considering that I go to one of the world’s top fashion schools and am not pursuing a degree in fashion, I oftentimes get asked, “Why do you care? Why do you love fashion so much?” My answer? “Because I get to embody the person I truly want to be. Fashion allows for expression, and if I want to be a woodland princess or a Joan Jett doppelgänger for a day, then gosh darn it, I will!”

Fearless and bold, this Fashionista does what she wants, and looks stunning doing so.

Half punk-rock, half majestic underwater maiden, she nails both looks on the head. Our Fashionista dresses up a simple gray on gray combo with a flashes of crimson. Proving that thrift stores are the ultimate source for fashion gold, our Fashionista’s pairing of Victorian lace-up boots that any steampunk aficionado would love to own with some equally elegant white socks with the lace detailing folded over the boot is exceptional, adding a balance to her ruby shorts and necklace, which both have volumes to speak for themselves to begin with!

The necklace, unfortunately, is one of a kind. Hand made by this New School artist herself, one should instead see her necklace as inspiration and motivation to register for the ceramics or jewelry making class that you’ve always secretly wanted to register for.
This Fashionista’s pastel purple jacket complements the dark red, and works to tie her makeup and hair to the rest of her outfit.

This Fashionista took the more commonplace technicolor hair, and went above and beyond what most could even fathom could be done with a little hair dye and inspiration. With tinges of blue, green and purple, it’s like waking up to a rainbow every day (until the dye fades)! She takes it a step further by coloring her eyebrows the same hues, and truly finishing the look off with a set of perfectly polished turquoise lips. Kind enough to reveal the source of her perfectly hued pout, Obsessive Compulsive’s Lip Tar can be found at any Sephora store in a wide range of colors.

How To: If you’re withholding your inner mermaid, fairy, daredevil alter-ego or lioness—let her out! As a New Yorker transitioning to Kent, I noticed myself shying away from my unconventionality, repressing some outfits in lieu for some less attention grabbing garb – which was not staying true to myself. Meeting this Fashionista got me all the more stoked to embrace my inner punk mermaid and to let her loose once again this spring. In the form of layers upon layers of handmade jewelry and gold chains, rhinestone eye stickers and green glitter eyebrows (credit going to Lime Crime, of course), I suggest you all do the same, and may you find contentment and relief in doing so!