Another week of summer has passed and memories have come with it. I recently spent a day in LA, jumping from one short-term, free parking spot to the next. Driving from UCLA to Beverly Hills to Playa Del Rey turned into an adventure-gone-wrong when my friend and I pulled up to her parking spot late at night only to find that her car was missing—it had been towed!

Despite our mishaps that turned into a hilarious 24 hours of laughing and nearly crying, I was able to witness the various styles that walked the streets of LA. I loved getting out of the bubble that was Orange County and exploring the different styles that consumed the City of Angels. People from all walks of life live in the city, and I love getting a taste of each person’s personality from the clothes they wear.

This guy was no exception. He was trendy and classy, all rolled into one. He rocked a very urban look, wearing a denim button-up and red pants. Many guys would be fearful of colored pants, but not this lad—he rocked them. His chambray shirt had a tribal print across the front, making his look unique. He carried a dark leather satchel and a two-toned Starbucks mug. He rocked a straw fedora and white sneakers.

The final touch was his glasses. They had a round frame and really pulled the look together. When choosing glasses, go for a pair that make a statement and show off your personality.

How To: Find a pair of glasses that fits your face and works with most outfits. A pair that is versatile and stands out is perfect for everyone! Just add a hat and denim shirt, and your look is complete.