ALL IN THE DETAILS: Statement Eyewear

April 26th, 2016 at 2:00am

Puffer vests morph into sleek trench coats, and hemlines recede. Boots are put out of use, as sandals inherit their spot in the closet. There’s a foreshadowing of warmer days. The sporadic appearance of the sun engenders a sense of anticipation on campus. Spring is a transition from winter to summer. In preparation for the exponentially higher temperatures, Fashionisto/as shop for an essential accessory, their signature sunglasses, for both spring and summer.

Eyewear is a simple concept. Sunglasses are an imperative piece of every wardrobe as we head into May. They are tinted to defend against blinding sunrays and coated with SPF to ensure ocular health. Also, they have the power to completely alter or complement an outfit. Since each pair is given the ultimate critique by Fashionistas/os before they are purchased. Like an autograph, sunglasses become a unique part of each individual, as this accessory is capable of looking different on each face it adorns.

Selecting the appropriate size and style of sunglasses has become so important. While some choose to complete their look with a pair of classic aviators, others opt for the geometric appeal of Ray-Ban Wayfarers. Many even decide to assert their styles through popular and bold choices such as, the cat eye or round sunglasses.

This Fashionisto decided to finish off his monochromatic ensemble with a daring gesture. Throwing on a pair of black Giaguaro sunglasses from Retrosuperfuture, he celebrates the vintage appeal of its round style, while embracing modernity with its metal detailing on the bridge of his eyewear. His sunglasses make a confident statement on its own, yet this Fashionisto chose to wear an adidas track jacket. Plus, when the jacket is taken off, you can see the incredible Hood By Air logo on his back.

How To: Have you always stuck to the classics? Make a bold move this summer! Although it’s intimidating to rock sunglasses in unorthodox styles, you can start with a minimal outfit that will put your eyewear in the limelight.