ALL IN THE DETAILS: Springin’ for Button- Down Skirts

April 22nd, 2016 at 2:00am

What is the best thing about spring? It’s easy! The weather starts to get warmer, our favorite flowers begin to bloom, and best of all, those long walks to class finally become bearable again as we can work the best and newest trends on our way. We can store away our heavy winter clothes and break out our favorite pastel colors, shorter hemmed silhouettes and accessory galore! Although it may be chilly some days, one trend we can definitely look forward to this spring that has been dominating the campus sidewalks: button-down skirts!

Channeling the iconic Cher Horowitz, who sported her own button-down skirt in the movie Clueless, who would ever have thought that buttons sewn to the center front of the skirt would be the unique detail that makes or breaks an outfit fifteen years later? This Fashionista felt that these buttons added a bit of something extra than wearing something just plain and black. Button details are the perfect way to accent a simple look. Taking the button detail to the next level, she paired her skirt with a simple white top and long pastel suit jacket, making the buttons the focus of the look. She accessorized this outfit with silver rings and bracelets and black booties that are essential for that winter to spring transition that embodies this look.

How To: Whether you buy the skirt with buttons sewn on the center front or decide to add the buttons on yourself (DIY!), make sure to include minimal embellishments on the other clothes so that the buttons are the main detail to the look!