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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Spring Transition

April 25th, 2016 at 2:07am

Spring is such an awkward season. I love it, don’t get me wrong, but it just is awkward when it comes to clothing choices. Especially in Michigan, during this time, the temperature is constantly changing. Do you keep wearing that cardigan you have been wearing all winter or do you ditch the cardigan and start wearing a light spring jacket? Do you keep wearing your booties or do you start wearing those flats?

Sometimes all you can do is wear a couple of great transition pieces. Don’t be afraid to layer. It is a great chance to make some spring lighter layers work with some winter heavier things. This tip can be applied to any season. When it comes to neutral colors, they are easy to transition into each season.

This Fashionista has a great layering look. She was able to bring out the lighter color and material in her dress even among all the layers. To go with that, she added a couple more layers for warmth. Then she completed the look with a loosely tied knit scarf. Knit scarf? Yes! It balances out with the bare legs and light dress. She also chose combat boots with some colored socks peeking out. There are some heavy elements, but there are also some lighter elements too. It balances out to create a great layered look!

How To: Find a light spring dress and layer that under a cardigan and/or a light cargo jacket. Skip the tights and leggings. Leave the legs bare. Then complete it with a pair of little booties and a scarf!