ALL IN THE DETAILS: Spring Leather

If you’re anything like me, even when the temperatures rise, you can’t stop thinking about leather. While pieces like black leather pants and tough motorcycle jackets are usually synonymous with colder months, it’s easy to think that sporting a little leather during spring is absolutely out of the question. In my experience, I’ve found that leather is a wardrobe staple that should be worn all year round! Of course, this doesn’t mean you’ll catch me in a pair of leather trousers in the middle of summer any time soon. However, with a few styling tricks and updates here and there, donning leather this season might just be your best idea yet.

This Fashionista’s killer look is a perfect example of how to sport what I like to call spring leather. She keeps the rest of her outfit simple and minimalistic, opting for a crisp button-down and a pair of distressed jeans. By choosing such pieces, this Fashionista allows her eye-catching leather jacket to take center stage. When wearing leather for warmer weather, the key to pulling it off lies in simplicity. Take a few notes from this Fashionista and choose a leather piece in a bright hue. In order to beat the heat, opt for light airy layers when styling your spring leather pieces.

How To: As I mentioned earlier, a change in season shouldn’t stop you from wearing leather. If you’re looking for a way to amp up your spring wardrobe, some chic leather might be the answer. Give your denim cut-offs a rest and pair a simple T-shirt with a pair of leather shorts in a neutral tone like beige for a look that’s perfect for spring.