ALL IN THE DETAILS: Spring in Her Step

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Spring in Her Step

As we enter spring, I am so excited to see transitional outfits around campus and Los Angeles! I know a lot of the country is being snowed in, but it is becoming springier by the day in California. My favorite part about this weather change is a wardrobe change. As warmer days approach, I find myself reaching for lighter, brighter pieces to mix into my cold weather, go-to, outfits.

Season transitions can be quite difficult to dress for. Every day is different and often the temperature changes drastically throughout the day! I love light sweaters and cropped denim for this reason. This Fashionista is seen wearing a cream colored knit sweater and amazing two-tone cropped and distressed denim. Can we talk about this ankle detail?! The raw and uneven hem makes these jeans even cooler. Many brands are doing this two-tone denim look at a very high price point. I was excited to find out that this awesome pair of denim is from American Eagle Outfitters!

To make this chunkier knit look a little lighter, this Fashionista added dainty layered necklaces. This addition made the outfit! She said her necklaces were from all over and had been collected over time, but that she finds many of them at Free People. I love the mix of chokers with the long pendant.

This Fashionista’s readers are so fun as well! I am so happy that frames are back in. Contacts are way too much work, and glasses can be worn as a statement piece or cute accessory to any outfit. Just another item to start collecting!