ALL IN THE DETAILS: Spring Forward

March 30th, 2016 at 2:00am

Grunge and leather are some popular trends I have noticed in Portland which is why this Fashionista stood out. This Fashionista paired her leather jacket with a feminine outfit. In particular, I like how the boots are paired with a very feminine outfit, adding some edginess to the moody atmosphere of Portland. In fact, the building she is standing in front of is the music hall on the Portland State campus where I find many people with individual styles and is also the best spot to get fashion inspiration.

The boots pull the outfit together, because it matches the style of the jacket. This is the perfect outfit for spring in Portland. Since, it shows the ease of transitioning from winter to spring. The polka-dot dress reminds me of the ’50s because of the pattern, but the leather jacket and boots brings the outfit into modern fashion. Vintage fashion is quite popular in Portland and one can find many vintage pieces at thrift shops all around Portland, which also happens to be this Fashionista’s favorite hobby.

How To:  Do you have a love for vintage fashion, but also want to combine leather into your outfit?  A cool and cloudy spring day is the perfect time to try out this outfit combination. Pair a leather jacket and lace-up boots with your vintage, or vintage-inspired dress or skirt. Just try and make sure your dress isn’t too long or it can throw off the balance of the outfit and make your legs look short.