Depending on where you live, you might be experiencing some in between weather. Your early morning is super cold, but by lunchtime, it’s definitely tank top weather. How on earth are you supposed to dress appropriately? You spend the morning contemplating, should I dress like winter and endure the heat during the day, or channel my inner Elsa, and act like the cold doesn’t bother me anyway? This Fashionista showed us how to handle this weather like a pro!

The first thing I noticed in this outfit was the floral top. The shirt was enough for me to stop the Fashionista and ask for a couple of pictures. I thought it was a brilliant idea to start bringing out the floral patterns since we are technically in spring, even if the weather doesn’t feel like it. The cute tank top is paired with some light wash ripped jeans. Personally, I think you can never go wrong with ripped jeans. The light wash of the jeans helps keep the outfit bright which is perfect for spring. If the jeans had been dark wash, the outfit would still be beautiful, but it would have been more of a summer to fall look.

This particular day was rainy and gloomy, so the Fashionista paired her outfit with some high heel boots. They protect her feet from the puddles all over campus while still adding a girly touch. What makes this outfit great for in between weather is the grayish-green cardigan which I think ties the outfit all together. It’s more of a darker color compared to the rest of the style, so the whole look doesn’t look washed out. Of course, we can’t forget about the small backpack that carries all of the Fashionista’s essentials.

Let’s hope we get a little more spring weather, but if we don’t, we know how to take on this confusing weather!