ALL IN THE DETAILS: Spring Accents

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Spring Accents

I think it’s safe to say that the Fashionistas of the world, or at least those that live in states with four seasons, are jumping for joy lately. The sun has been shining, the temperature has been rising and Fashionistas everywhere are shedding their parkas. It’s finally spring which means it’s time to pull out your favorite warm-weather outfits that can be shown off both indoors and outdoors now that you’re not bundling up for winter weather. Personally, the thing I dislike most about winter is the fact that I always feel so unmotivated to focus on the details of outfits simply because they will be covered up by all of my layers and outerwear. So, that means that with this new season comes new accessories. Spring is a great time to experiment with details and accessories like crotchet, lace and jewelry.

Today’s Fashionista did just that—she ventured outside without a jacket for probably the first time in months and got to show off some accents that are perfect for the season. She wore a white top that was light and airy. It was slightly cropped so it let her show off some skin and it also had lovely crotchet detailing on the bottom which drew attention to her figure. She rocked a floral statement necklace with lots of girly colors, which was again, perfect for the season. Since her wrists weren’t covered by jacket sleeves, her charm bracelets were in full view. I am always drawn in to charms–they’re a great conversation starter. Her hair was wavy and held in place with a delicate lace headband that probably got to take the place of a knit hat. The top half of her ensemble was definitely eye-catching, so on bottom she kept it simple with a pair of dark wash jeans and brown boots.

Let’s face it—when the weather is warm, it’s likely that you’ll want to wear minimal layers, and lightweight layers at that. So, rather than getting caught up in wearing the most stylish but probably overly warm layers, focus on adding details and accents to your outfits to ensure that your look is trendy but comfortable for the season. This Fashionista’s outfit was trendy, girly, perfect for spring and easy to recreate. Get inspiration from her when going shopping for new spring clothing or even digging through your own closet. Tops with lace or crochet detailing on the bottom are a great way to make a subtle statement, draw attention to your hips, and definitely look classier than a simple and shorter crop top would. These types of tops could also be paired with skirts or shorts. Combine with your favorite accessories and you’re sure to create the perfect spring look!

How To: Start with a fancy crop top and a bold necklace. Statement necklaces are never a bad addition to an ensemble, and floral statement necklaces are a simple way to stay in touch with the season. Just add colored denim or shorts and you’re set!