Spirit wear for most colleges usually consists of sweatshirts and sweatpants. Most people usually keep spirit wear within that state, but there is a way to show off school spirit but with a more preppy flair to it.

The Fashionisto was spotted on the way to his friend’s house to watch a rerun of a Penn State football game. While I may be a little biased I have to remind everyone that Temple beat Penn State a couple months ago. All jokes aside, this outfit is perfect for guys who need a switch from the basic jeans and T-shirt routine. Khakis instantly dress up any outfit and make the person wearing it look so much more put together. To tone down the formal look the khakis give, pair them with nice sneakers and a zip-up jacket.

I like this look a lot because it is not some run of the mill outfit that guys in college wear. The look is sporty but with a preppy touch to it. I feel like this is something Nate Archibold or any other Gossip Girl male character would wear to show school spirit.

How To: Want to be sporty yet trendy like Tom Brady? This look is for you! You can do this look as little or full blown as you want, but if you want to take a small step towards the look start out by pairing khakis with tennis shoes.