Sportswear has upgraded from yoga days to everyday life. This trend made us look at many of our gym pieces in a new light. We are now able to take a pair running shoes and dress them up for a chic run to the store. Your tight yoga pants are perfectly disguised as comfortable bottoms for any occasion. The sporty trend has made our closet more versatile.

The Fashionista I caught on campus seems to have the trend down. She wore a pair of yoga leggings and transformed them subtly with some knee-high boots. This Fashionista also wore a sporty vest over a long sleeve shirt that gave her the perfect warmth for a windy day. Depending on what your plan is for the day, you can always dress it up or down with a touch of accessories. Our Fashionista for this week did just that by adding a necklace and some sunglasses. These accessories gave this look a personal touch without losing the sporty feel.

How To: Do you feel like you have done everything possible with what you have in your closet? Have no fear! Workout clothes are here. Look at your sportswear and use those pieces to spice up your wardrobe. Keep in mind how sporty you want your look to be and work from there. Some pro sports items that are easy to use in an everyday look are running shoes, yoga pant and sports jackets. Okay, Fashionista/os! Now head to your closet and discover whole new looks. Ready, set, go!