ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sophisticated Quirkiness

When I think of a blazer and khakis combination, a business casual outfit comes to mind with clean lines and class. Those are all great aspects of men’s fashion that I appreciate, respect and try to emulate in my own wardrobe! There is just one tiny problem: the blatant predictability of it all. Where is the room for creativity on such a classic, widely practiced outfit? Actually, the answer is quite simple: anywhere you want it to be!

Many don’t realize the endless possibilities when expressing personality on a conventional match up such as the one at hand. This Fashionisto did not find himself in the repetitive trap of strictly neutral colors and solid prints that most fall victim to. He spiced up a standard sophisticated look by adding a primary color scheme and sneaking in a few fun textures. By throwing in his own little quirks, he was able to add a special life to the outfit.

Lets dive into things, shall we? Starting with his blazer, our Fashionisto sported a coarse, charcoal gray instead of a typical solid gray. Paired with his polka dotted button-up, this combination added such a visually stimulating contrast in textures that, me being the visual person I am, couldn’t help my mouth from watering a little bit.

Moving on to his pant selection, this Fashionisto took the bolder route of opting for a skinny, formfitting pant leg, which many are too scared to try, but hey, it totally paid off. They highlighted the lengthiness of his legs and kept his lines clean cut. Because they were just the right length, a bit of his striped and polka dotted socks were able to peer through before reaching his sharp, black leather shoes. The mustard yellow shade of his pants also complemented his red and blue Herschel messenger bag that perfectly suited all of his college needs. Now THAT is how Fashionistos/as everywhere should rock any college setting (e.g. having an intellectual conversation over coffee, mysteriously reading poetry on the quad or casually doing your rocket science homework at the student center).

This Fashionisto’s spot-on style never, at any point, appeared overwhelming or tacky. I applaud that. There were so many beautiful things happening in collaboration with each other that I couldn’t help but admire the thought he put into every detail.

How To: Don’t be afraid to show off your own quirks on a business casual outfit like this one! Pull out your fancy socks, slap on a blazer with some personality and maybe even grab a spunky bow tie. Find what makes your look you and incorporate that into a more serious style to lighten up the mood a little bit. You might surprise yourself with what you can pull off!