ALL IN THE DETAILS: Soft Suede and Bold Bling

Ah, the spring season is finally here! Whether you’re excited about it or not, the flowers are blooming, rain showers are coming and the season is taking a slow turn towards the heat of summer. With the warm weather having finally arrived, you may be asking yourself what to do with your favorite winter-like jackets and accessories. No need to worry though, our featured Fashionista will show you how she makes her spring outfit look RAD with some of her favorite pieces in her closet—no matter what the season is!

This Fashionista sports a very put together look using a combination of seasonal choices. She is featured wearing a patterned top, casual shorts, sandals and a deep maroon suede jacket. This jacket is perfect for a mild spring day, and has the right amount of fabric to make it light enough to wear during any season/type of weather. This jacket makes this Fashionista look sophisticated, yet is comfortable enough for a day out around town.

This Fashionista also added some turquoise bling to her outfit, for the perfect pop of color. Her chosen accessories are subtle, with an oversized ring and dangly earrings. These turquoise beauties add a great amount of contrast to her outfit, while pulling in different color schemes to make the look match. They make a statement, while also keeping the outfit simple.

How To: This Fashionista’s look can be easily imitated for this spring season. A neutral colored suede jacket and bold colored accessories will be your best bet in order to make a statement like this Fashionista. With this look, you’ll be sure to have a RAD spring season.