ALL IN THE DETAILS: So Fresh, So Clean, So GQ

The transition from summer to fall is never easy, and here in Atlanta with the weather constantly changing, it’s easy to get seasonally confused. A sunny day can turn into a gloomy downpour in a matter of minutes, so it’s necessary to plan out an outfit that can withstand the perils of Mother Nature. Easier said than done, but taking notes from this Fashionisto, you can effortlessly overcome the awkward in-between weeks of fall.

Easy, cool, sleek, casual, sophisticated—all these dissimilar adjectives come to mind when trying to describe this look. Although the outfit appears simple, the details are what really make it. From the minimalist Dior sunglasses down to the velvet belt, this Fashionisto exemplifies how attention to detail can really enhance your look. I find that white pants elevate a look into casual elegance and are a great item no matter the season. However, I have to say, it is the loafers that really steal the show here. The fire red loafers are making a statement. Their timeless feel gives them a feeling of old sophistication but the bright color keeps them youthful. They are not too serious, yet still very refined.

How To: Pair loafers, like the red Todd ones this Fashionisto is wearing, with white pants and a V-neck sweater to have an outfit that is perfect for the sunny autumn days in Atlanta. As it is, this outfit works for women too, but to make the look ultra feminine, pair the loafers with a tailored mini skirt instead of pants and embrace the preppy college look. The best part about loafers is that with one simple shoe choice, men and women can elevate their look into casual sophistication.