ALL IN THE DETAILS: Smoky Sophistication

After finally surviving our first few weeks of classes, we can finally settle down and cozy up to those lovely sun rays on the campus lawn…or maybe our pumpkin spice lattes in a cocoon of fleece blankets? I think we’ve all been here before. Fresh out of summer vacation and we’re already at the mercy of nature’s fickle whims, as the temperature is ready to drop or rise about 20 degrees at any moment. One might consider this transition period between seasonal weather a bit awkward and unpredictable, but it might also be a great opportunity to experiment with edgy looks that play between the realms of summer and fall!

This Fashionista kept it clean and classy with a turtleneck sleeveless striped dress that fits perfectly into any wardrobe as a blank canvass for the light or edgy accents of both seasons. Round frame sunglasses and a silver watch add a bright summery pop of sophistication, while her black leather boots and wool socks give a warm welcome to the other upcoming fall trends (and weather). While this comfortable outfit is a great for option for the few summer festivities we might have left, it can easily be adjusted for the chilly months to come by also adding a pair of leggings and a cardigan.

My favorite part of this look was definitely the black pearl necklace she wore to give an unexpected smoky twist to her dress, which can be replicated with any cloudy stones you may have tucked away in your jewelry box. For anyone who happens to be an October baby like me, this may also be a great opportunity to break out our fabulous birthstone, the opal, for a similar effect and even a dash of color!

How To: These simple accessory fixes can be used daily for any busy Fashionista! Still own that cute outfit that needs a little love? Has your potential “blank canvas” dress not seen the light of day in months? No matter what color or style, metallic accents and a favorite pair of boots can go a long way in transforming many outfits that you already own!