ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sliders Know Best!

Something that I notice that people constantly wear are sliders. They just seem like the perfect footwear for almost any occasion. They are perfect to walk around the house and even go out to eat with some friends. I have even seen people wear them to run to their car in the rain. They are literally the one pair of shoes that you should have in your closet.

This Fashionisto had the right idea wearing his sliders outside on this perfect day. See wearing them to walk around town with your friends is perfect. The shoes are made to adjust the curves on your foot and also adjust the width of your foot. These are in conclusion the most versatile type of shoes that people should have in their arsenal of shoes. To pair these shoes off this Fashionisto kept it casual with a pair of gray camouflage print cargo shorts and a white T-shirt. Although simple, it is at the same time relaxing to look at this outfit as a whole. The ensemble does not overwhelm you but it does catch your eye with its amount of casualness. These shoes are even ideal for leaving the house to do some errands. Sliders know no bounds as I like to say!

How To: Making this look is easy and does not require too much. All you really need is a pair of sliders. From there, you can go anywhere you want with your outfit. You can dress for the summer and just put on some shorts and a nice shirt. Or you can even dress for the winter and put on some comfortable sweatpants and a sweater. Remember, this look is all up to you all you need are the ideal sliders for you.