ALL IN THE DETAILS: Skater Street Style

April 5th, 2016 at 2:10am

Spring weather is rolling around the corner, slowly but surely, and one of the styles that is super in at the moment seems to be the skater style this Fashionista is sporting. She wears a black skater skirt that gives off a chic vibe and dresses up her outfit with the red blouse. Tucking the blouse into the skirt makes the look more sophisticated and professional for any important occasion!

This skirt is perfect for the high temperatures and humid days we’ve been experiencing in Knoxville lately, with the sun blazing down. A skirt like this can definitely be made personal to one’s own unique style because it goes with anything and that’s why it sticks out to me, because no matter what this Fashionista wore on top, it’d look cute! It is simple in itself and so it can easily go with a monochromatic shirt if you’re not one to wear designs and like to keep it street style chic without trying too hard. But, if you’re into polka-dots and stripes, this versatile type of skirt is perfect for you, too!

These Fashionista’s laced black booties are super cute with the outfit and definitely add edge to it! They give the outfit the extra pop while not having an extremely high heel, so they are still comfortable to walk in. I love the statement these leather, laced booties make with the already edgy skater skirt.

How To: Want to be a little more bold and daring? Grab your favorite fierce red lipstick and put it on. If a bold red lip seems too fancy for your daily activities on campus, grab your favorite designer clutch or purse or spice it up with your go-to statement necklace!