I don’t know when it became a New York thing to wear all-black, but there’s a good chance you’ll be told that if you opt for head to toe darkness. Personally, I crave some color in every outfit, so I always admire the Fashionista/os who can pull it off. But you don’t need brightness to turn heads. Wearing all-black definitely doesn’t have to be boring.

This Fashionista uses contrasting shapes and textures to keep things interesting. First, she started with the ultimate fall essential, something I’ve found myself wearing almost every day this past month, a pair of black high-waisted jeans. They’re the perfect staple to dress either up or down, and they look flattering on nearly every body type. She kept things simple with a high neck tank top to place the focus on her layered necklaces, because the sparkle is really what steals the show. Jet Set Candy is becoming one of my new favorite places to pick up jewelry, because all of the pieces in the shop have a theme—wanderlust. One of this Fashionista’s necklaces is a mini collection of luggage tag charms from all the places she’s traveled abroad—a perfect way to hold college memories close to your heart (literally).

She definitely didn’t skimp on the arm candy. Her oversized watch, bead bracelet and bangles are bold without being too busy. Her shoes even have a pop of secret shine. The heel is unique but still subtle, adding to the overall balance between edgy and classic in this outfit. She kept everything silver to match the detailing on this leather jacket (you can get a similar one here). It has a rough looking texture that’s both eye-catching and mild enough so not to clash with the metallics. The chic hat tops the whole look off.

How To: Take simple, dark pieces and dress them up with your accessories. Stick to more delicate jewelry when you’re stacking to keep the outfit from looking too busy. It’s getting gloomy outside, so you might as well provide some sun.