ALL IN THE DETAILS: Silver and Gold

Hello Fashionistas! Summer is just heating up here and so is the style. Time to show off that beautiful summer skin and those lasting tan lines. Have some fun with your look and realize that these may be the last few weeks where you can go strapless without a jacket!

Sometimes accessories can add just the right touch to any look, but bangles and necklaces can get in the way. If you love to dress up a look with the right amount of shine I have the perfect trick for you: flash tattoos. These temporary foil tattoos come in stunning shades of silver and gold. You can mix and match the two to really add some flair to your look. These stay on for about two weeks and are simple to put wherever you see fit. I like wrapping a few around my wrists and then maybe one higher up my arm. There are so many combinations and different ways to wear them! It is a huge runway trend and has been for some time, but what better season to show off your skin and these awesome tats. This Fashionista is demonstrating the trend in her own way. The best part is you can dress it up or dress it down. They will look good with your bathing suit if you’re hanging by the pool all day, or a jumpsuit if your going out on the town.

Instead of reaching for the same old accessories that you always wear, try something different and bold. These can also be worn with actual bracelets too. You can stack them to complete the look. If you are unsure or only want to wear them for a certain occasion, you can scrub them right off! Personally I am obsessed with these and I think they are a great alternative to normal jewelry. They are on trend and different with each person that tries them out!

How To: Get the look by going online and looking up flash tattoos. This brand particularly was sold in a boutique. Many sites such as American Eagle Outfitters and Forever 21 now make they’re own version! The price ranges from 12 to 22 dollars, so they are affordable, too.