ALL IN THE DETAILS: Shoulders in the Spotlight

May 5th, 2015 at 2:00am

What makes an outfit look “put together” are the classic pieces that are recommended in every girl’s closet. You know, a professional blazer, denim and a little black dress. However, what makes an outfit fabulous are those unique or detailed pieces that only you can work into your style. It’s those items that will have every fashion lover of similar taste asking, “where did you find that piece?” This Fashionista had me asking that very question with her gorgeous black sweater with quilted gem shoulders.

This style expert is sporting her black embellished sweater with cut-off denim shorts and plum tights. She adds a classic piece into her outfit by rocking a pair of white Converse. For accessories, she is wearing a purple striped backpack, round sunnies and simple jewelry. Her look overall has a chill indie vibe that is perfect for class or a casual afternoon.

When it comes to embellished shoulders, one has many options. They come in countless styles. Some of my personal favorites include metal, floral and shimmer detailing. Choose a look that matches your personal style and work it!

If you’re feeling crafty, you could always DIY your own blouse to an embellished shoulder. You could do this by heading to your local craft store and pick up gems, studs or buttons to make your outfit rad and one of a kind.

How To: Purchase or DIY your blouse with embellished shoulders. Pair it with jeans, shorts or any skirt. Remember to keep the rest of the look mostly neutral you want your embellished shoulders to take the spotlight. Good luck!