ALL IN THE DETAILS: Short Details Go A Long Way

September 18th, 2015 at 2:00am

School is officially back in session and not only are we feeling the heat from our classes already, but summertime weather is definitely lingering. As everyone pulls out their fun and fresh back-to-school clothes, it’s clear to see that most are trying to jump in on one particular trend at some point or another. All around campus, bohemian vibes are trending at an all time high, and it’s definitely working in every Fashionisto and Fashionista’s favor.

This Fashionista’s shorts are the perfect combination of bohemian and chic for class! Being able to be comfortable, especially in this weather, is something that is important to most people, but nobody wants to forget about their fashion sense either. A print and colorful pair of boho shorts allows you to brighten up your day, stay comfortable and all the while put together a cute outfit with basic necessities to compliment them. These shorts also compliment almost any body type, as the material is pretty versatile; these shorts are a keeper. This Fashionista used a basic black V-neck T-shirt and thong sandals to allow her shorts to keep everyone’s attention, while still maintaining a girly and summer-esq feel.

This look is easy to create in the morning and lets you have those too-cool-for-school vibes throughout the day!

How To: If you’re looking through your closet and want an outfit that you know works but isn’t difficult to put together then grab your favorite print, bohemian shorts and work the rest of your look around them. Remember to keep the rest of your outfit simple so your shorts can steal the show.