The best way to make a statement is to make it short and sweet. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the grandeur of the leftover Fashion week street style, but this leaves some of the smaller features unnoticed. When everyone seems to be moving at the speed of a camera flash, there isn’t time to tune into the finer details.

This Fashionista’s dress is both short, and sweet. The details of the dress, like the scalloped neckline, are understated and pretty enough to take center stage. The pattern sits on a neutral background, pulling in all colors of the print. She accessorizes with a tote bag, simple black tights and heeled black boots. What’s notable about her outfit is the way in which she incorporates pieces to create a false sense of movement. There are no real extraneous bits (loose fabric, or fringes) to draw the eye out, but the details of her accessories aren’t exactly stagnant. The toggles on her peacoat, the pieces of fabric on her bag and the laces of her shoes all hang down in a way that quietly mimics the same movement.

It’s important to keep your look unique, but not Lady Gaga unique…if you know what I mean. This Fashionista does a great job of working with a base item and building around it. Her heels aren’t the only thing that elevate her look when she’s has such an eye for small but influential details. This look is short, sweet and to the point.

How To: Make your own one of a kind tote bag. Find loose bits of fabric in a Barbie pink, and sew them to a simple black tote as you see fit. This way, you’ll have everyone asking “Woah! Where’d you get that?”