September 8th, 2015 at 2:10am

While never out of fashion, the strappy sandal is unavoidable, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself walking next to a powerful amazon or waiting in line at Starbucks with a latter-day goddess. You’ll know her by her shoes, the laced gladiator sandals that criss-cross up bared legs or peek out from under a flowing midi. This is your go-to show-stopping festival and event shoe as long as you can deal with your feet getting stomped on. But before you make a hasty online purchase, take my advice and go to the store to try them on! Each pair will fit differently depending on the size of your calf and the construction of the sandal. Depending on your height, the gladiator sandal can cut some height off of you if you aren’t too careful. But don’t worry, they come in many different heights and straps options for every goddess’ needs.

The gladiator sandal can be worn with a variety of styles and ensembles. Surprisingly, this sandal can dress up your look dramatically depending on how high the sandal laces up your legs. Here, our Fashionista took a tie-waist midi dress and paired it with high lace-up gladiator sandals. Her midi dress can be dressed up or down, but here our Fashionista took on a more casual look while keeping up to date with the latest show trend. To keep the look casual, simple studs and gold midi rings add the final touches to a super RAD and comfortable ensemble.

How To: Scared the gladiator sandals will be too much with your outfit? Keep it simple and grab your favorite flowy T-shirt dress paired with tall lace-up gladiator sandals.