September 7th, 2015 at 2:10am

With the recent rise in gold accessories, silver got the short end of the stick. Nevertheless, the forgotten metal is making a major comeback in fashion trends. If you don’t believe me, just check out this Fashionista’s killer look!

This Fashionista’s adorable outfit really makes her stand out. She paired a busier patterned skirt with a maroon tube top, showing just the right amount of skin. Her neutral summer sandals are perfect for the weather, complemented by a gorgeous silver ankle bracelet with little dangles.

While this Fashionista’s look would be incredible without her great accessories, it’s her taste in jewelry that really pulls the ensemble together. Without being overwhelming, the various accessories add a personal touch to her look. By taking mementos from vacation destinations and transforming them into jewelry pieces like this necklace, this Fashionista carries memories with her wherever she goes. Her necklace, rings, hair wrap, nose ring and dangle earrings all come together in perfect harmony to add her own style and make it her own.

So next time you consider accessorizing, take some influence from this Fashionista. Grab some longer earrings, pull your hair back to show them off and help bring this timeless metal back into style.

How To: Not ready to get back into silver? Try taking it one step at a time. Starting off with silver studs or a ring or two can help ease your way back into sparkly accessories. And don’t forget that it is definitely acceptable (if not highly encouraged) to mix metals! Just check out this awesome necklace for some inspiration!