ALL IN THE DETAILS: Seemingly Sequin

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Seemingly Sequin

What makes an outfit work? Is it the mixing and matching of colors? Or, maybe the key is to have the latest pair of on-trend shoes? When it comes down to the details, intricate nods to your creative side have the potential to take your outfit to the next level. While trend-focused details propel many looks to short-term success, the best way to set yourself apart is to make what you’re wearing reflect you. To look good, you should feel good—why push yourself to wear something that doesn’t well reflect your brilliant personality simply because it’s en vogue?

For this Fashionista, her self-expressive combination of details gives you an idea of her personality before you even meet her. Bright, bubbly, and modern, her look and its details embody the concept of stylistically staying true to herself. Starting at the top of the look, her modern sunglasses are the epitome of eccentricity; her shades draw attention to themselves and simultaneously draw attention to her fun-loving side. When it comes to this Fashionista’s mosaic-like dress, you can’t help but be left intrigued by the blend of colors into a seemingly sequin work of art. The gentle combinations of colors leave room for additional “wow factor,” leaving it to the sequins to knock this piece out of the park.

The proper white, collared tank peeping out at the neckline insinuates her professionalism while sustaining the look at a level of elevated casual. Her stud earrings and the subtle charm on a thin necklace add more depth to the look, saving those delicate details for a second glance. Finally, the Fashionista makes the whole look daytime functional by sporting simple Adidas sneakers.

This Fashionista’s look provides ample evidence; the next time you’re getting dressed, try crafting a look based off of your personality. By creating a detail-oriented outfit that is uniquely you, you’ll be sure to stand out. Dress bold and be original—it’s all in the details!