Okay, let me paint this picture for you. I am walking down the sidewalk of East Bank and from a short distance, I can see two girls wearing heels and killer distressed denim jeans. As I get closer and move my eyes upward to their faces, I realize that I am seeing double. These two Fashionistas are identical twins rocking distressed denim in two different ways. Naturally, I snagged these twins to capture how their similar denim choices played a role in completing two totally different style trends.

While blue jeans are never not on-trend, distressed denim is currently stealing the limelight. What I loved about these two is the difference in how they execute the distressed denim trend. One of the twins chose a boyfriend style jean with a loose-fit shirt. By pairing the two loose fits together, she achieves that effortless “cool-girl” vibe. Adding in the details of a slightly worn, torn-up distressed jean adds that extra edge to a preppy J.Crew style.

In contrast, the other twin takes a different approach. With festival season right around the corner, this Fashionista is on point. Her flowing, long-sleeved bell sleeve shirt and flowers in her hair are the perfect combination, but what really completes this outfit is the distressed denim. By adding the worn-out denim to her boho-chic style, she takes on an edgy and new-age hippie look.

How To: Making an outfit feel edgy without compromising your comfort level can be a challenge. That is why I am totally into the distressed look. Simply pair any style of jean that has been distressed with any item already in your closet to create that relaxed cool-girl vibe or boho-chic look.