ALL IN THE DETAILS: Secret Agent Sense of Style

April 20th, 2016 at 2:10am

Okay, Secret Agent Style Guru, you have one mission today: make your outfit speak for itself. There has been a recent surge of boring, dull and lifeless outfits taking over campus lately due to some inclement, unseasonable weather, and you must take action immediately to save the day from frumpy foes. You must convince all targets to recharge their styles. Your secret weapon of choice? A graphic T-shirt that does all the talking.

Those days are gone when a graphic T-shirt meant a T-shirt from American Eagle that had just the store name and logo on the front. That middle school closet staple may have once been known as unoriginal but is now famed for its witty personality and sass-packed style. Graphic T-shirts have changed from being worn to blend in with the crowd. Today, just the right T-shirt can make your outfit stand out and speak up.

Don’t just opt out for styling your T-shirt with a basic pair of jeans or leggings. Think outside the box. Who says T-shirts are for casual wear only? You know better than that. Tuck your T-shirt into a chic, black skater skirt. Top things off with a sophisticated overcoat. That way when you arrive to class and take off your jacket your undercover style detail gets unleashed to send everyone’s style signals tingling.

You’ll probably want some fancy footwear too to help you stealthily finish the job. A cute, comfortable pair of booties will keep your feet protected and swiftly pull the look together from head to toe.

Warning: be ready to defend your feisty fashion statement with a personality as big as your T-shirt. Remember the shirt does speak for itself and does have an attitude of its own. This Fashionista in particular nails the attitude with her “Shut the Front Dior” T-shirt that gives a laugh and packs a punch.

How To: Think you have what it takes to fend off the frumpy foes of fashion with your look? Here’s what it takes to be a Secret Agent Style Guru like this Fashionista. First, find your weapon of choice (your graphic T-shirt). Then, tuck your T-shirt into a simple black skater skirt to keep your look clean and structured. Finally, don’t forget to grab an overcoat to shield your style statement until you arrive to the mission scene.