ALL IN THE DETAILS: School Girl-Chic

Looking for something to change up your everyday school outfit, and an easy piece to add during a transitional weather period? Knee-high socks are the perfect accessory!. They are a hot trend this fall and add an unexpected kick to a subtle outfit. Although knee-highs have the reputation of a part of a school uniform, you can easily add them into any outfit. They are a bold and trendy accessory that most are afraid to pull off, but do not be afraid.

Knee-high socks are also a great versatile piece that can go with a multitude of looks. They range from the classic white with black stripes to a variety of colors. This allows you to create any kind of look you want. Take any basic outfit to the next level of school girl-chic, just by adding a pair of these. They also allow you to be warm during those chilly transitional months, without having to pull out the thick opaque tights! Pair them with a dress or skirt to add warmth and style.

This Fashionista is rocking a black pair of knee-high socks with white stripes. It was a cute and fun addition to her simple fall outfit. Here she is pairing the knee-highs with a burgundy knit dress. The dress added a warm fall color that brings life to this outfit, without taking attention away from the socks. The knit pattern also adds some texture and coziness. Choosing a black heeled bootie was definitely the way to go because it dressed up the outfit and added some edge.

How To: To recreate her look, grab a long sleeve dress or sweater and skirt. Pick up a pair of knee-high socks that have a coordinating color to your dress or outfit, or try a colorful pair to add some contrast! Grab your backpack and maybe throw on a scarf to instantly be school girl-chic.